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These blocks are AI models like GPT-4, which generate text, code, images, or audio.

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With tools like web search, Python code blocks, and batch processes to run hundreds of tasks at the same time

A few things people are doing with Hunch

Get insights from tons of information

Create personalized summaries of books or long research papers based on your interests and knowledge

Extract insights from thousands of employee survey responses

Review Slack messages and call transcripts for decisions, action items, follow-ups, specific mentions and more

Generate sophisticated, personalized documents

Turn a one-line idea into a persona analysis, risk assessment, positioning, press release, MVP product spec, and more

Personalize onboarding emails based on what you know about the customer

Generate personalized customer emails with action items and follow-ups based on call transcripts

Run processes on autopilot

Turn GitHub commits into two-minute audio updates

Generate podcast show notes from transcripts

Analyze competitors’ websites

Prototype and test AI prompts

Test and compare hundreds of prompts or the same prompt hundreds of times

Test multiple models and compare results

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